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Friday, February 27, 2009


Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had a fruit fight.
we had a food fight in 3rd grade, but i was sick.
we were throwing fruit EVERYWHERE.
an apple hit my clarinet case.
and a the gut.
history was made!
im queen of the dramatics

emo people

This is gonna make me sadishlike. Emo peoples. Their,well, sad and other things.
A girl, the jokestamator, turned emo, and now the school seems gray. :{
But Their also awesome.
calm,cool,and dont go,"Like TOTALLY LOL"........but thats just me........

Thursday, February 26, 2009

all aloney on my owney

I must give credit to my talking of ways to georgia.she is a book.lietrally. the book dancing in my nuddy pants and others.
a siren
pray...lord...dont let traffic get all stopped up and then the ambulance crash into a house and for me to have to witness it all.that would be crap.

just kidding.

as i said, all aloney on my owney.
no one else online.

goodybye.......fare well...hope to see you again..*repeat to me, or else a giant teddy bear will cry for me*

once again. Je t'aime you.and only you.for three seconds.


My hair is fab.fabbity fab fab flippy and windy like my eddie culleny.but with less hairspray.and its more floppy in my face.and tangly.and less sexi.but yummy scrumboes to my fabbity hairness.

Typo Queen!!!!

I am the typo queen, as you will soon relize.

but who am I talking to?
the only way I can hope to get at least one person watching this is putting famous people pictures on here so...yeah.Ma Frenz HELP!


Yup yup.Ma Frenz.
they are....funnyhilariouslygutbustingawesomepervyslightlycrazy best friends.
and they love oreos.
ma frenz ^_^
je t'aime.
but not like that.
like...if they died, i would go in a mental institute.heck, ill prob. be there anyway xD


Im obsessed with learne=ing french.Even though im in band. here...

je vous remercie pour la lecture je t'aime presque autant que i love oreos

didnt catch that? tough oreos.translator comin your way.(!)


LOL. I took the quiz: who do you attract?

2.Unstable people
3.artsy people

GOODNESS!! it said I attrack geeks.and should stay away from rebels.o.e