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Friday, March 20, 2009

Ugh,im so tired from today!! My brother is still laughing and aranging rocks as I type.
My dad thought we needed some fresh air,unhappily we went,sulking as we walked,until we were traviling over rocks,checking our backs to try and spot those crazy people laughing and pointing at other people.We didnt know that wed get "lost" we could see where we were 30 minutes ago, we were forced to be stared at by teenage couples taking photography.My brother was stuffing his pockets with rusty scrap metal.As I started visualizing grape soda,and talking nonstop about it,we began to get alittle crazy,trying to figure out how to get out of this place.As we walked all the way down the railroad track,found it gated,walked back,climbed down,getting slapped in the face by branches yet again.Soon we found that beautiful opening to the car, we started laughing dillusionally.(The endorphans,or are we simply crazy?)as we got in the car, My father asked who wanted the apple he had stored, I screamed that I wanted it, and I was horrified with the animal I had become in 3 hours of nature.(LOL)Even my dad later noted on how he could tell I would cheerfully beat the person who claimed my food.I was REALLY out of it,as my brother and father were also.Once we got home after a few arons,my brother started laughing again.I tried everything to help him,he was in so much pain!!I slapped him,told him his parents were dead,and yet he continued.He still was when I began this post.I hate nature today.
March 20,2009 6:31

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